January 17, 2014

Music and My Personal Identity

What is it about music?

How is it that music can touch us in the center of our very souls?

Why does it have the power to evoke intense emotion?

What language is it speaking to us?

Are the very words that God breathed out at creation still reverberating throughout the universe as music?

Is it God's breath our souls are yearning for, and somehow music fills that longing to be one with our Creator?

There are no definitive answers, obviously. They are simply questions I ponder from time to time.

Because I am a musician. Ask me to talk about myself and the word "musician" or "music" will pop up in the first few phrases I utter. Because I identify with music so strongly.

Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps Alumni
Me, Debbie, Cheryl

I am also a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, actress, friend, student, sister, daughter.

But music - that is something that resides at the core of my being.

Performing music is something I feel driven to do, whether with my flute or with my voice.

UMS Choral Union with the DSO - from their webcast

I can no more see myself not singing or not playing flute than not eating or breathing. Music is part of who I am, part of my identity as a human being who is existing on earth at this exact place in the infinite continuum of time, by the grace of God.

Plymouth Community Band

Music is so much more to a musician performing it than to an audience experiencing it.

It is playing or singing just for the love of creating something beautiful.

It is engaging with other humans in the performance of it.
Stuart and Carl

It is communicating in a most basic way to the audience.

It is a choice.

It is essential to life.

It is me, and I just am compelled to share it with you.

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