January 30, 2014

Digesting 1Peter 5:7-8

I wonder if my fellow sisters in the Made to Crave study will enjoy the title of this blog entry......


Get it?

*wink, wink*

(I digress before I've even begun today. Sorry, reader!)

1Peter 7-8 "casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."

The first thing I noticed was that verse 7 begins in the middle of a sentence, so in order to get the sense of what these verses are about I backed up to the beginning of Chapter 5. Here I find Peter addressing the church's elders, and exhorting them to shepherd the flock, and saying that their reward for doing so with a willing heart will be the "unfading crown of glory" (v. 4).

Peter then addresses his readers/listeners who are younger. He says "Humble yourselves..." (v.5, 6). In order to be led, younger Christians must humble themselves under the leadership of elders who can teach and guide them on the road of sanctification. 

In verse 7 he continues saying (again to the younger of the church) - and I will paraphrase - "...cast your cares and anxieties upon him, your Lord, because he will look after you. Be on guard for Satan, the deceiver, who is lurking in the background just waiting for a crack in your armor, so you may be pounces upon as a lion pounces upon prey, and be devoured." In other words, "Don't depend on your own strength and wisdom! You don't have enough of either to succeed!"

This week has been a challenge. With a successful week last week, Satan has pounced and attacked my confidence to remain focused on God and not be swayed from breaking my cravings for unneeded and unhealthy food choices.

At the beginning of this study, I humbled myself and, like many of you, openly admitted a prideful heart, repenting and asking forgiveness from my Father.

How EMPOWERED I felt! How refreshed and clean!

This week I didn't make it through with flying colors. I allowed physical ailments to interfere.

I allowed distractions to interfere.

And then Satan to begin to whisper his lies in my ear. 

"You don't need this." 

"You can't fight your nature."

"No one cares - you look fine."

"Your health won't suffer."
"Have just one. Or two. Who will know?"
Chocolate No-Bake Cookies


The truth is that I DO need this study and I DO need to improve my health and I DO have people who care about my and my health and I CAN fight against my sinful nature. 

I have DETERMINED that I will remain DETERMINED in my fight against Satan.

And I can do all of this through Christ who gives me the strength to overcome the lies of Satan, and the DETERMINATION to succeed in my fight to improve my overall health.


  1. You mentioned asking for forgiveness. Why haven't I done that? Thank you for sharing that today!

    1. You're welcome, Mandee! It's a constant for me - I'm constantly at the throne asking forgiveness.

  2. Thank you for a really encouraging, and challenging blog Linda! I have heard, and listened to ALL those lies at one time or another, and still hear them, although thanks to The LORD I do a better job of ignoring them! I love your statement that when we are 'down to nothing, God is up to something' - I also like to remember that when we are attacked the most, it's when God is working something AMAZING in our lives :)
    Praying for determination for you as you continue this journey :)
    Sarah Travis (OBS Volunteer)

  3. great post! I sometimes think "will anyone even notice? will I even notice?" perfect reminder that "yes! God notices, people notice, my heart notices"

  4. Wow, Linda! Awesome post. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts, which are so much like mine & I'm guessing anyone who love the Lord & has weight issues. Keep on being determined and lean into Him!

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us with such authenticity!!


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