May 29, 2012

Too Much Time?


I wrote a draft of this entry on February 15, 2012, at the beginning of what turned out to be a prolonged illness. Today is May 29, 2012, and I am finally back to enjoying a quality of life that includes being able to run errands and cook for my husband. More on that ordeal later. So, from way back when the outside world was still frozen in a winter slumber, and Zabel and I slept our days and nights away together, I give you "Too Much Time?".

There is an observation I have made: The more birthdays I celebrate, the longer a virus will linger, and the harder it will hit my bodily systems.

For the past 10 days, I have been plagued with too much time on my hands. Feeling totally non-productive and sloppily sluggish. Sleeping around 12 hours a day, reclining in pajamas for the hours I was awake. A shower maybe if I could muster the energy. Fatigue is a horrible symptom of illness. I hate it.

I have been wondering how in the world I would have been able to remain in and take care of my classroom of second graders while being laid low with this latest illness.

Many times while still teaching I would push myself through days of busyness, all the time wishing I could have stayed in my PJs and in bed instead.

There was that one year near my retirement, 2009 I believe, when I encountered a severe illness that kept me out of the classroom for the entire month of October. What a nightmare that was!

So, normally I would go in to work and teach even though feeling totally lousy, possibly spreading my germs around the building, and picking up new ones at the same time.

And today it's ten days after first feeling the swollen glands and sneezing, and I am feeling sorry for myself, even though I did have enough energy today to not only shower, but to roam around the house, sew some details on a costume, and even blog a little bit.

I am wondering as I sit here just how many days in my youth I would wish that I had more time to accomplish something - lesson plans, grading projects and homework, vocal or flute practice. I had the energy to do so much, but not enough time. How frustrating!

Lately the tables are turned upside-down. I have all the time in the world, and no energy at all to use during that time.

Zabel keeps me company. She is an empathetic kitty, sensing that I am not well. She keeps the bedsheets warm in the spot where I like to tuck my toes.

Pardon me while I blow my tender nose......