December 30, 2011

Fresh Hope

A lovely young woman, Ann Voscamp, is someone who has a natural gift for writing. I have received much inspiration for my own walk with God from this homeschooling mom, devoted wife, child of God, disciple of Jesus. I find her blog here at A Holy Experience.

Yesterday I was checking in with her blog when I found something that I have been needing since June 2010: An organizer for tending to the daily tasks which need accomplishing each day given by God for me to use in His will.

Free Daily Planner

It has been 18 months since I took on this new path in my journey of retired life. My days previous to leaving my career were fully scheduled. I didn't leave my desk every afternoon before I had sketched out the plan for the following day - things that were priority is and "must-dos", people to contact, materials to organize.

Since June of 2010, I have busy, to be sure. Voice lessons, music practice, bible study, phone calls, household management, travels domestic and international, the creation of this blog. 

Looking back, I moan about the priorities I gave in my choices of how to use my time. There have been days when I found myself in despair at the end of the day because of the waste of minutes and hours. What had I accomplished, other than self-serving ego massage? How had I focused on God and His priorities for me that day?

It is time for new habits! I have downloaded Ann's planner worksheet, jotted the definitions so I may use it properly, and have printed off my first copy.

I will plan my day today, I will give thanks to God for this tool to which I have been led. 

Something as simple as a sheet of paper has given me fresh hope.

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