June 7, 2011

A New Day

This morning's coffee was taken out of the house and into the warm mugginess that is Michigan in June. So many Junes during my "working life". 

This year is different. No rushing off to open a classroom to sweaty, excited children. Excited to see me? Hardly! There are only 8 more days of school! (Or 9 or 6 or whatever.) Making fans from recycled paper. Repeated trips to the water fountain and sink. Panting as the day's air temperatures progress upward and onward.

But this year: hot coffee with the kitty and cardinals. A soft breeze keeps the mosquitos at bay for a few minutes. Long enough to discern a God-glorifying sunrise. Time given to me as a gift to reflect upon the most important, distractions removed. 

Time given as a gift. Isn't that true of all life, first to last breath? Allow me to breathe in. And to breathe out my prayer in thanks.

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