June 9, 2011

My Hands In Service

One of the "Senior Saints" in our community of believers has gone on to meet his Savior face-to-face. Friends and family will gather soon to memorialize a long life. 

And there is a need for a meal. Time is needed to prepare the meal. And I have the time today.

And so many years have past by when my teaching duties had to be the priority, and my heart cried, "I want to serve through my kitchen today!" But God had decided He would keep me with the children. As it should have been.

So as I bake today, I will be using my hands to serve the brethren and, by extension, Jesus. How humbling. My breath catches in my throat and tears well in my eyes as I record these thoughts. One who is unworthy to touch His sandals is able to give Him part of herself.

The ability to touch fellow believers' lives through the simple act of baking a cake. 

As I crack the eggs, stir, blend, pour and bake in the oven, time to pray. 

Creating an offering to my God and my King.

Using the time given as a gift. That I may serve Him.

Loving my Creator. 

Loving His people.

Reaching out to the world from wherever I am. 

Using my talents, my treasure, and my time, in Him, for Him.

Jeremiah 29:11

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