June 8, 2011

It's Not About The Money

Retirement has its benefits and challenges. Having one's income cut by a little more than half means having to make adjustments in the monthly budget.

Dinner out once a week has become dinner out once every four to six weeks.

A new favorite shopping destination is a store which carries secondhand goods. (Just how many "things" does one person need, anyway?)

What was once "routine maintenance" of hair and body is now "for special only".

And which items haven't been axed from the line-item budget?

The giving of first fruits to God.

A few dollars set aside to enjoy coffee, lunch or dinner on occasion with loving and supportive friends.

The box of cards to mail to those who need encouragement.

And in return I have time available.

Time so special. And totally, profoundly priceless.

The time to reflect upon a lifetime of memories, and upon the new memories being made every day.

The time to help in the nurturing of grandchildren, and the care of an aging parent.

The time to have an unhurried meeting with the One who loves me above all else, my Lord and my God.

I am so blessed by this gift of time.

Jeremiah 29:11

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